Smoked wild Alaskan salmon from Maison Steur a roaring success

The smoked wild Pacific Alaskan salmon from the Maison Steur range is a resounding success. There has been a drastic rise in demand since Maison Steur’s inclusion of this salmon in its assortment. The smoked wild Alaskan salmon of Maison Steur is a product of superior quality and goes down particularly well with connoisseurs!

Maison Steur obtains its wild salmon through a carefully selected supplier in Alaska, USA. The supplier complies with the strict requirements of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for sustainable fishing. The Alaskan fishermen catch the wild salmon with lines before processing and freezing the fish directly on board. This ensures not only excellent quality but also optimum freshness.

The wild salmon processed by Maison Steur is of the “Red Sockeye” variety. This type of salmon has deep red flesh with a fine texture, which brings out the very best in the smoky flavours. And wild Pacific salmon has an even more delicate taste than the well-known Norwegian salmon. Salmon lovers immediately taste the difference!

The smoked wild Alaskan salmon of Maison Steur is - just like our other salmon products - available in whole salmon fillets, sliced salmon fillets, and of course, in the well-known reduced-oxygen packaging with the handy resealable lid.

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Maison Steur receives accreditation for wild Alaskan salmon from Marine Stewardship Council

Maison Steur is the first of the VWA-approved smokehouses in the Netherlands to become MSC-certified for wild Alaskan salmon. This accreditation highlights the ambition of Maison Steur to actively fight overfishing in the world's oceans. It also fits in with the objective of Maison Steur to only supply products that comply with the most stringent of standards in the field of environment and hygiene. Maison Steur had previously already received BRC accreditation, Level 4-A, higher level, from the British Retail Consortium.

The certification that Maison Steur recently had the honour of receiving applies to both varieties of wild Alaskan salmon from the Maison Steur range: the Silver Coho and the Red Sockeye. Wild salmon is distinguishable from farmed (Norwegian) salmon by the deep red colour and the fine texture of the meat, which brings out the best in the smoky flavours.

The MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) is an independent non-profit organisation, established by the World Wide Fund for Nature and Unilever and aims to promote and reward sustainable management of the world's population of fish and shellfish.
To this end MSC has developed a voluntary and independent certification standard for renewable and properly managed fisheries. Fisheries that meet the standards and producers who employ sound processing methods for these fish products may, after a successful audit, display the MSC logo on their products. This enables buyers to make the conscious choice for “protected” fish products. In this manner, producers and buyers contribute to allowing future generations to also benefit from the riches provided by the world’s oceans.

Thanks to the wider availability of MSC-protected fish products, more and more buyers are choosing for fish and shellfish displaying the MSC logo. MSC is already widely established outside our country’s borders. In countries such as Germany, Great Britain and the US, a significant share of the fish consumption comes from an MSC supplier and this share is growing rapidly.

Maison Steur achieves even stricter BRC certification

Maison Steur’s efforts towards the highest quality and product safety were recently rewarded with a new and even stricter BRC certification. Since 23 September 2005 Maison Steur may call itself the proud holder of BRC4 certification, and that at the highest level (A-level).
The granting of the certification was preceded by an extensive inspection during which the entire company of Maison Steur was subjected to thorough checks.
Maison Steur had previously also managed to achieve the “Higher Level” quality certification. For more details, see the article below.


BRC certification for Maison Steur

Maison Steur has recently been awarded the coveted “Higher Level” quality certification of the British Retail Consortium (BRC). An extra recognition of the superior quality and hygiene standards that prevail at Maison Steur! 

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is an inspection protocol used by British retailers and lays down a list of conditions that suppliers in the field of food safety have to observe. The BRC requirements include a proper quality system, HACCP-based procedures and the inclusion of data about the region, product, process and personnel entered into the system (Good Hygiene Practice).

There are two levels on which a supplier can be awarded the BRC Food Technical Standard: the BRC Foundation Level (basic requirements) and the BRC Higher Level (additional requirements). The foundation also issues a number of Recommendations on Good Practice. The assessment will test compliance with each of these levels, but a company is expected to at least meet the standards of the Foundation Level. The aim is for the company to continue improvement efforts until it complies with the requirements of the highest level.

BRC certification means that a product simultaneously meets all the requirements set by various British supermarkets. Because this means cost savings for both producer and buyer, BRC certification is widely held in high esteem. The European Retail Organisation (CIES) has now also recognised this standard.

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