Smoked Albacore tuna

Enjoy tuna responsibly: you can, with Maison Steurís new smoked Albacore tuna!

Albacore tuna is the responsible alternative for threatened bluefin tuna. Albacore tuna is present in great quantities in the South Pacific Ocean and the southern Atlantic Ocean. Albacore tuna fishing is completely sustainable; fishermen use lines rather than nets. Moreover, this type of fishing is supervised by Vis & Seizoenen.

Maison Steur only buys the very best specimens and processes them in Monnickendam in the same, traditional method as smoked salmon. Albacore tuna is cold smoked at a temperature of about 20įC.

Albacore tuna flesh is light red in colour and has the same fine, distinctive structure as other types of tuna. Thanks to the traditional smoking technique, the tuna acquires the characteristic, refined smoke flavour that makes Maison Steur products so popular. This also preserves the tenderness of the flesh.

Albacore tuna from Maison Steur is available in three forms:

  • Whole fillet (loin), not sliced, about 900 grams per piece.

  • Sliced and MAP-packaged in 500 gram trays.

  • Sliced and vacuum-packed in 100 gram packages.

Please contact Maison Steur for more information!