The wild Alaska salmon of Maison Steur is causing quite a stir. Thanks to its refined taste and outstanding quality, this unique salmon variety is making its appearance on the menu of more and more restaurants and other catering establishments.

Wild Alaska salmon (Pacific salmon) is the “cousin” of the popular Norwegian salmon (Atlantic salmon). But the colour and structure of its flesh is entirely different. Wild Alaska salmon hatch in rivers on the west coast of North America, Canada and Alaska. The clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, where the fish mature, provide an abundance of food for the salmon in the form of shrimp, small lobster and other sea creatures. This natural diet and life in the icy, clear waters turn the wild salmon’s flesh an attractive red with a fine structure that guarantees a firm “bite”. Pacific salmon is packed with healthy fats such as Omega-3 fatty acids.

The wild Alaska salmon that Maison Steur buys are caught in a fully sustainable manner, which also meets the strict requirements of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). All wild salmon products are therefore supplied with an authentic MSC certificate. Wild salmon are caught off the coast of Alaska from July to September when the fish are ready to swim back to the rivers where they came from. Alaska fishermen are quite used to sustainable fishing methods and take the utmost care to preserve their natural environment and their livelihood. Fish populations are monitored meticulously. The fish are caught with hook and line instead of nets; the wild salmon are instantly processed on board and then immediately frozen or sold fresh.


  Traditional processing
Maison Steur buys its wild Alaska salmon only from companies that meet the strict standards of the MSC. The distinctive and legendary Maison Steur taste is achieved through manual and traditional processing methods and an authentic smoking technique, which uses a wood blend that is specially prepared in-house.

Maison Steur supplies wild Alaska salmon in whole and sliced fillets and in the same packaging formats as that of the smoked Norwegian salmon: in vacuum packs (100 grams) and in the well-known reduced-oxygen packaging with the handy resealable lid (500 grams). Of course, the wild Alaska salmon of Maison Steur is also available in a variety of promotional gifts and Christmas hampers. For more information, visit

Wild salmon fillet: Wild salmon owe their distinctive red flesh to their natural diet.

Sliced wild salmon in reduced-oxygen packaging with resealable lid.